Do You Love Your Life? Can You Honestly Say that You Really Love Your Life and Mean it?

Do You Love Your Life? Can You Honestly Say that You Really Love Your Life and Mean it?

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Want to feel differently? Want your life to be different?. I have a solution for you, but it’s not a quick fix solution. And here’s why.

I have found that even if we don’t like what is happening we have a very strong tendency to revert to old patterns that are known to us and that we’re comfortable with even if we’re not happy.

n all of my years of coaching I have found that it is absolutely critical to have a system to rely on when the tendency to revert to old patterns is so prevalent. We need to be focused and directed by a system until it becomes an ingrained habit that we master so we can make the desire change without thinking about it.

Rafael and I have created such a program and system and you have already purchased the Relationship Reboot System ™ which is the first part of it.

Its called…

Create your life the way you would like to be

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System A Power System for Creating Absolute Personal Wealth

No Compromises, No Settling No Excuses

You may be wondering, why is the Ultimate Life Breakthrough System different from other programs and why do I need this? Why is it so Powerful?

The basis of our work is to empower you to be able to create and receive Absolute Personal Wealth

Balance, Balance, Balance. Your Breakthrough will be to Create Balance in Every Area of Your Life!!

With this in mind, Rafael, my husband, and I created The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System to guide and support people as they transition to their New Life of joy, expansion and true happiness. Included in these programs are all of the tools necessary to Breakthrough to Your Ultimate Self.
The ULBS is comprised of 3 separate modules, each of which is a powerful stand alone self development guide. Together, the 3 modules cover all of the essential tools and understanding necessary for true breakthrough and awareness and understanding in your life
a.   Relationship Reboot System – We are in Relationship with everything in our lives and giving
      intimate relationships will bring joy and happiness at a profound level. You already have this.
b.   Mindset Breakthrough System – Master Your Mindset, Master Your Life
c.   The Wealth Accelerator Program – Wealth is not just money but it is the joy and satisfaction we
      have in living our lives living richly and fully.

Spend Just 30 minutes a day for just 7 weeks brings lifelong change

The key to Success-Just Stay with It

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System is not just about creating financial assets, it’s about creating wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.

This system removes old blocks, perceptions, and beliefs that have caused self-doubt and living a life less than you deserve and are capable of experiencing.

The three parts of the Ultimate Life Breakthrough System give you all of the tools, insights and knowledge to balance everything so you can have it all.

Part 1 The Relationship Reboot System ™:

You already purchased this program and it is the ideal place to get started with incredible relationships.

Part 2 The Wealth Grid:

In this 8 module program we explore everything you need to balance your Personal Wealth Matrix and then some. Included in the 8 modules:

Part 3 The Mindset Breakthrough System The True Power of Mindset:

This program is how we connect to our source point with a true mastery of the mind and all of the roadblocks that come up to keep this connection from happening. It’s the key to solidifying your spiritual connection.

The Mindset Breakthrough System is a comprehensive system for creating Your Life Your Way . It is is my seminal course on mastering your thoughts to fully and completely re calibrate and focus your life. Being in control of your mind and what you are constantly thinking is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. You can’t expect to have a different result in your life if you continue to have the same thoughts, judgments and beliefs that got you to where you are now. That would be insanity!”

The Mindset Breakthrough System will bring you Astute Clarity in every area of your life. You will discover how to become more acutely aware of your feelings, your thoughts and the internalized programs that are not serving you best.

This program will take you beyond, far beyond where your Mind knows to go

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Every Journey begins with the first step. You already had the courage and foresight to purchase the Relationship Reboot System ™. Let’s join hands and move forward together so you will have all the tools to create Your Life Your Way.

As with all of our products we offer an Unconditioned 30 day Guarantee and Refund Policy. If for any reason, no questions asked, you do not find this program helpful or it does not live up to your expectations just let us know and we will promptly refund your money.

Special Bonuses for You

And as a special Bonus and a gift for purchasing right now I am including access to my groundbreaking series, “The Wealth Process.” Up until now, this series of meditations haveonly been shared with my highest level of coaching clients that have spent 1000’s of dollars working with me.

This series is designed to develop and enhance your ability to remove unconscious blocks, help you to receive more intuitive right brain information and empower you to create beyond your conscious limitations. My husband and I very often go to sleep listening to these powerful processes and have had very profound results from them.

“The Wealth Process” is a perfect adjunct to the material covered in the Wealth Grid and if used regularly will open you to even greater depth and enhance your ability to create what you want in your life and stay on purpose.

The Wealth Process is comprised of these 4 guided meditations:

In this 8 module program we explore everything you need to balance your Personal Wealth Matrix and then some. Included in the 8 modules:

The Wealth Process is sold separately on our Website for $179.
Purchase the entire ULBS NOW and it's our gift to you absolutely FREE.

Our Second FREE Bonus to You is the:

The AQ DQ System (Awareness and Desire Quotient ) Impacting Massive Change Starts Here

Awareness is the foundation of all change and all Personal Development.

We cannot change, we cannot live our lives any differently unless we are aware of what we are thinking, feeling or doing at any given moment.

This program is a powerful adjunct to the Mindset Breakthrough System. In that program you learned how important our thoughts were and how they set the powerlink to our lives. In order for this to be so, we must be fully aware at all times so we can monitor, control and guide our precious mind to the positive in our lives.

The AQ/DQ Awareness system will empower you to become distinctively Aware and support your Passionate Desire through your core fuel called, ”Your Why”. Neuro-Psychologists have shown that when you have high Awareness Quotients and high Desire Quotients your productivity soars and your happiness and peace levels are increased.

We go deep into what Awareness and Desire are and how to evaluate where you are currently. We then show you how to increase your Awareness and Desire to the level of finding greater Joy, Connection and Absolute Freedom in your Life.

This program will help you find what you are looking for and is packed full of wisdom and very practical day to day tools to support Radical Results and Awareness in every area of your Life.

When you start your journey, I recommend that you start with this program because it is a core foundational tool to your empowerment and newly created life.

This programs sells for $249 on our website and is also absolutely free to you as our gift.

We were going to sell this program separately but we felt it was so integral to our Life Breakthrough System that we wanted to include it to get you off on a powerful start in Creating the New You.

To Recap, here’s everything included in this amazing Package:

The Ultimate Life Breakthrough System for Creating the New You is comprised of 5 core programs.

Your price for all 4 programs ( you already have the relationship reboot system is just $247.


Get this incredible bundle of programs now at a fraction of their original cost.

I am so looking forward to being with you every step of the way.

Esateys and Rafael PS We have a no question, 30 day Refund policy. Just notify Customer Service at and we will gladly refund your investment in yourself and your relationship.