3 Days Retreat with Esateys in Vancouver, WA. January 24th - January 26th

Do you have everything you “need” and yet you feel there’s something missing?

Are you jealous of what you think other people have? Do you judge everyone?

Are you upset because you are getting older and your health isn’t what you’d like it to be?

Do you feel like you are at effect of anything and everything that happens to you?

Take a moment right now and close your eyes. Let your mind drift to the Life that you would love to live. Visualize what it would be like to have your daily stresses be experienced from a totally different viewpoint. Imagine what it would feel and look like to laugh and feel freedom and True Joy….consistently, no matter what happens.

Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY YES!

Join us for 3 Days that will turn your Life and your World toward YOU being in charge.

True happiness only occurs when you consistently shift your perception about “What Is” and automatically see it as perfect.

The Mindset Breakthrough System is a Powerful experiential “Awareness and Visualization Training” with Practical and Easy Solutions to those Day-to Day Issues that you experience every day.

“In my 30+ years of doing in person personal growth work I feel this is the most powerful work I have ever done.” Esateys


Esateys, the event presenter, is a Certified Nurse practitioner who has been working individually and with couples for over 30 years and is an expert in the human condition. Her mission is to Empower People to Awaken to their Innate Happiness so they Can Live and Love with Passion. She is a Certified Master Facilitator, International Speaker and coach who specializes in Relationships and Mindset Mastery as the mechanism for Personal Growth, Joy and Happiness in all areas of Life.


Date: Friday January 24th Thru Sunday January 26th. Food not included. 

Location: @ Esateys house in Brush Prairie Wa.
Time: Friday:     1/24 – 6:00 pm
        Saturday:  1/25 – 9:00 am
        Sunday:    1/26 – 9:00 am
Cost: $500
For more information contact Esateys: or
call 503-630-3000
Anyone wishing to create a scholarship please let us know.


Esateys, ARNP/ BC

Visionary, Author, Speaker, Business Woman and Spokesperson for Human Consciousness

Esateys is a Nationally Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and has practiced extensively in traditional and alternative medicine.

She is a pioneer, international lecturer and spiritual teacher in the fields of energy medicine and awakening human consciousness. Her mission is to support people in creating deeper connection and identifying purpose in their lives.

For over 30 years Esateys has supported thousands in identifying and dissolving the blocks that lead to disease, illness, pain and suffering through personal coaching, seminars and retreats.

Her focus is helping people find Joy on a Day-to-Day basis in the midst of daily stresses.

Esateys is in the process of creating a new website called “The Self-Healing Institute” which will be the Authoritative Site for Self-Healing.

Esateys is the co-founder of “The Ultimate Results Academy” and “Academy of Natural Health”. She is the author of Help I’m Trapped in a Body! The Power of The Total Body Matrixsm .

Her newest book, “The Invisible Game” (working title) will demystify[R1] the illusion of the personality and provide a greater understanding of how to live in Joy in the Game Called Life.

Esateys is a relationship expert and has actively coached couples and businesses in the power of connected relationships. For many years Esateys had an Internet Radio Show called Relationships and Beyond. 

Esateys and Rafael PS We have a no question, 30 day Refund policy. Just notify Customer Service at and we will gladly refund your investment in yourself and your relationship.