What Everyone Secretly Wishes They Knew About Relationships, But Are Afraid To Ask?

Do You Lie Awake At Night Feeling Alone Next To Your Partner?

Respected doctors and therapists now agree: Deep, lasting closeness and safety is nurtured in an intimate relationship … discover the simple secrets (which are hidden from most folks) that can transform your relationships and life almost overnight
into something magical …

Hi, I’m Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez).  My husband Rafael and I are the founders of the Ultimate Relationship Academy.

I’ve worked with thousands of couples and individuals for  the past 35 years helping them to get clear about their relationships and enabling them to access their greatest potential and self-empowerment.
I’m  a Certified Master Facilitator and Expert in the Human Condition. I specialize in Relationships and Mindset Mastery as the mechanism for Personal Transformation, Joy and Success in all Areas of Life. 
I short, I help people  discover and Breakthrough their limitations to create extraordinary shifts in their relationships and their lives so they can live and love with passion.
Relationships are critical to our happiness in that they are a mirror for everything we are thinking, saying and doing.
Everything we experience with someone or something else (our business, our health, our career) is always a reflection of what is going on inside of us.
Once we understand this there can be no blame of the other person or yourself and you will not feel like a victim of life or of someone else.
This understanding leads to joy, happiness and safety which is what we all want anyway.

“Relationships are like an Iceberg, 90% of it lies beneath The Surface".

Relationships are complicated and have many, many facets and are just like an Iceberg.

90% of an iceberg is hidden under the water. It’s the 90% that we do not see or understand or know about that causes the most damage in any relationship. Once you understand what is under the covers so to speak, your relationships will flourish and give you the profound joy we are all seeking.

I created the Relationship Reboot System ™ to help you avoid disaster in your relationships from the pitfalls lurking in the cold icy uncharted waters of your relationships.

Once the Secrets of Relationships are actually mastered, everything in your life will change…

Want to feel differently? Want your life to be different?. I have a solution for you, but it’s not a quick fix solution. And here’s why.

Here’s What’s Included In The

Relationship Reboot System ™

(HINT: It’s Got Everything You Need To Put You On The Path To Your Perfect Relationship -And It All Starts With YOU!)

The Relationship Reboot System ™ is an A to Z comprehensive guide for everything you need to know and do to have a relationship and a life that is Beyond anything you could have Dreamed or imagine.

3 Powerful Programs that will turn your world upside down, inside out and bring you the joy you are really wanting.

1. Create or Reignite the Perfect Relationship.

This 2 hour program will give you the basic understanding and tools to overcome what is standing in your way of that fulfilling relationship you always wanted. Once mastered you will be ready to attract that perfect relationship or if you are already in a relationship how to repair and reignite the one you have.

Among the questions that you will become clear about;

And much. much more

2. Connection in the Bedroom - Has your sizzle become more of a fizzle?

Let’s face it, the bedroom plays a huge piece in creating a fulfilling and satisfying relationship. In this two hour program Rafael and I, from both a male and female perspective, show you how to create and experience intimacy well beyond the limitations of physical contact.

Don’t get me wrong, physical intimacy is important and nurturing, but we will show you how much, more you can achieve in the bedroom that will enhance your love for your partner and yourself.

Never let anything stand in the way of passion in your relationship! We’ll be teaching you how to address the most common things that cause setbacks in the bedroom and how to deal with them.

You probably understand by now, this program is much more than a how to be in the bedroom. Much Much more.

3. Relationships and Beyond

By the time you get this program you will have already made a big impact and shift in your significant other relationship. That’s a given and if you stopped here you will have gotten ten times the value of this program.
But we don’t stop here. Not by a long-shot.
Relationships and Beyond will give you a new, much broader perspective on how relationships work and why understanding them is so important.
We are in relationship with everyone we come in contact with, our environment, our health, our money, etc. The list goes on and on. Understanding the full impact and importance of how you “do relationships” will make a huge difference in your life, especially from the wide perspective we introduce you to.
In this 4 part program, you’ll become more connected and more aware of yourself, your environment, and everything that is happening here in what we call “The Game Called Life.”
We’ll teach you and give you tools to improve your communication, avoid missteps, and capture and keep the absolute joy of being in a connected relationship.
When we see things from a broader perspective, the little inconsequential things fall away and we get to stay focused on what really brings us joy and happiness.
We’ll take a deep look at how YOU do relationships, and we’ll teach you how you can improve your communication, avoid missteps, and capture and keep the absolute joy of being in a connected relationship.
We’ll answer these Top 5 Burning Questions About Relationships:
How can I make my relationship work?
How do I get my partner to communicate openly?
How can I feel safe in my relationship?
How can I be appreciated and loved in my relationships?
How do I keep from losing myself in the relationship?
You will never see relationships the same way again


The information in this program is not typical “relationship advice.” Yes I will give you the basics to get you started. As you progress through this program you will really get to understand yourself, what really motivates you and most importantly how you can use Your Relationship to really see inside yourself.

Oh, by the way, would you like to change your relationship with your body? Would you like to love yourself and your body no matter what it looks like?

Think about this. You have a relationship with our body that you can either nurture or ignore, change or keep the same. The Relationship Reboot System ™ will help you create the most awesome relationship with your body.

Caution, This Course Won’t Be A Good Fit For You If:

You’re looking for a magic fix for your relationship without having to do any of the work.
You’re not willing to look inside yourself and discover what you can do to prepare for your next relationship.
You want someone to tell your partner what they need to do to change – you’re fine, thanks.
You think your relationship is “good enough” and don’t want to grow a deeper connection and have better communication.

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Esateys and Rafael PS We have a no question, 30 day Refund policy. Just notify Customer Service at support@esateys.com and we will gladly refund your investment in yourself and your relationship.